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Military Personages of An Historic Nature

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British Military

Rear Admiral R. Lambert Baynes

Clint & Ruth as
Admiral & Mrs. Baynes

Colonel Richard Clement Moody

Al as Colonel Moody

Mrs. Richard (Mary S.) Moody

Judith as Mary S. Moody

George Bazalgette

Captain Bazagette
as Portrayed by Mark

Midori as Miss Louisa Seville
No known historical photograph

Captain Haig

Bob as Captain Haig

Captain Parsons

Darryl as Captain Parsons

Captain Henry Reynolds Luard

Simon as Captain Luard

David as Lt. Cooper
No historical photograph available

Lt Charles Wilson

Stewart as Lt. Charles Wilson

Doctor John Vernon Seddall

John as John Seddall

David Lyall, RN

David as David Lyall, RN

Colour Serjeant John Prettyjohns

John as Prettyjohns

Don as PO Thomas

Serjeant Jock McMurphy
Mrs. John (Mary) McMurphy

Sandee & Todd
Mary and Jock McMurphy

Mrs. Bonson
wife of Srj Lewis Bonson

Midori as Jemima Bonson

Serjeant James Lindsay
aka "Whispering Jimmy"

Tim as Serjeant Lindsay

Corporal William Bowden

Bob as
Corporal Bowden

Simon as Corporal Ruttle

Bob as Corporal Clegg

Tim as Pvt. Miles

Lisa as Mrs. Jonathon Scales
No known Historical photograph

Simon as Private Tribute

David as Seaman William Duncan
No known historical photograph

U.S. Military

Colonel Casey British Camp 2004

Tom as Major Alvord
looking for historical photograph

Eileen as Mrs. Alvord
looking for historical photograph

Captain Hunt & Miss Abby Casey

Captain Picket

Mike as Captain Picket

Lt. Connor

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Personages of a Composite Nature

Captain Kija: Looking for current photograph

Madam Kija: Looking for current photograph

Jim as Private Meredith

Military | Civilian | Groups

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