and the YMCA

Victoria, population 500, is seized by Gold Rush Fever, and is overrun by about 25,000 prospectors on their way to the Yukon gold fields.  Young men live under canvas on Douglas Street, and find entertainment in the bars and brothels that sprout up on every street corner.

1859: A Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) is formed to provide alternative, wholesome entertainment and activity for the young men who arrive daily in the city on their way to the gold fields.  Col. RC Moody, R.E. is elected as first president.  The first men's residence are two tents set up as temporary quarters for young men awaiting transportation to the gold fields.  Membership costs 6 shillings, or $1.50, per quarter

The YMCA dies out not long after it begins, probably in 1860, actual date unknown.

Moody & the YMCA