Royal Marine Light Infantry
Nominal Rolls

Before the end of the year (1858), the Provisional Battalion was broken up and the officers distributed between the 1st and 2nd Battalions R.M., Col. Lemon taking command of the former vice Col. Walsh, who had been invalided home.

In November, the Royal Marine Brigade was further reduced by the dispatch of 2 Captains, 5 subalterns, and 200 men who were sent to British Columbia.
                                                       --"Britain's Sea Soldiers"

H.M. Ship Pylades
Esquimalt Harbour,
11th April 1859


I have the honour to aquaint you that 139 Officers and Men of the detachment of Supernumerary Marines brought from China, will (agreeably to your requuisition) proceed in Her Majesty's Ship "Satellite" on Thursday Morning the 14th inst. to the entrance of the Frazer River, where they will be met by H.M. Ship Plumper, to which ship they will be transferred on Friday the 15th inst., and conyeved to Queenbourough.  This Force will be supplied with three months provisions from H.M.S. Tribune, where they will continue to be borne for wages.

Prior to their leaving I will forward you a Nominal List of the Officers and Men, who will proceed to British Columbia.  The Officer Commanding the detachment will be instructed to Follow out all Instructions given by Your Excellency, or the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, and the Force when landed will be subject to the Mutiny Act, instead of the Naval Articles of War. 

Independent of the 139 Officers and Men, I have retained one Subaltern and 24 Men, to be available as a Guard for the Treasury whenever Your Excellency may require them.

I have the honor, to be Sir,
Your obedient servant,
Michael de Courcy
Captain and Senior Officer

Royal Marines left by Captain Michael de Courcy at the naval Hospital Esquimalt for Service in "Fort Victoria" R.N. Hospital Esquimalt 10th April 1859.


H.T.M. Cooper 1st Lieutenant  
William Joy Serjeant 91*
Thomas* Pitchford Corporal 100
James Markey Corporal 82
Thomas Adams Private 50
Philip Allen Private 11
Stephan Canning Private 26
John Clarke Private 81
William Cotterell Private 101
Charles Doldy Private 76
Own Dolougham* Private 14
Thomas Haines Private 44
Joly* Hancock Private 18
William A. Hayes Private 81
Frederick Hobbs Private 56
William Lonish* Private 54
Nehemiah Miles    
George Moore Private 32
John Pearce Private 6
Edward Poultney Private 56
William Pumfit Private 20
William Snell Private 93
John Tomlinson Private 60
Thomas Waddington Private 94
Jeremiah Williams Private 34
HMS Pylades
Esquimalt Harbour
13th April 1859


I have the honor to enclose nominal Lists of the detachment of Royal Marine Light Infantry to be employed in British Columbia and Vancouver's Island.

I have the Honor to be,

Your obedient servant,

Michael de Courcy
Captain and Senior Officer

To His Excellency,
Governor Douglas C.B,

Nominal List of the Detachment of Royal Marines under the Command of Captain Magin about to proceed on Service in British Columbia - R.N. Hospital Esquimalt 11th April 1859.

Nominal List of the Detachment of Royal Marines under the Command of Captain Magin about to proceed on Service in British Columbia - R.N. Hospital Esquimalt 11th April 1859.



 George Bazalgette Captain  
Thomas Magin Captain  
G. L. Blake  1st Lieutenant  
A.* L.* Henry 1st Lieutenant  
C. L. Owen 2nd Lieutenant  
E. C. Sparshott 2nd Lieutenant  
Johnathan Prettyjohn Colour Serjeant 3
George Babbage Serjeant 31
Joseph L. Bate Serjeant 71
William Bolitho Serjeant 103
Henry Johnson Serjeant 18
John Lark* Serjeant 13
George Marshall Serjeant 7
John Larry*Corporal Corporal 6
James Lomas* Corporal 14
Joseph Major Corporal 55
John Newbury Corporal 14
Walter Way Corporal 72
Charles Whittock Corporal 26
George Hinks* Bugler 83
George Hughes Bugler 35
Abraham Abbott Private 100
John Adams Private 47
--* Ade* Private 83
George Alderman Private 63
John Barnard Private 18
Thomas Barras (or Barrad) Private 86
William J. Bate Private 95
William Bellamy Private 91
Joseph Biggins Private 100
William Birtwhistle Private 22
David Boden* Private 100
George Bolton* Private 76
John Bolton* Private 11
Thomas Boon* Private 99
---* Bourall* Private 99
James Bowen* Private 71
Henry Brackston Private 26
John Bray Private 79
David Brown Private 71
George Brown Private 47
George Brown Private 70
George Brown Private 90
John Brown Private  
John Bryant Private 47
William Buston Private 19
John Butland* Private 19
John Charlton Private 7
David Cla(fifo*) Private 7
David Cla(fifo*) Private 35
Thomas Clark Private 35
Joseph Claydon Private 34
George Clements* Private 39
Thomas Cliff (or Giff) Private 87
Edward Connor Private 87
George Connor Private 92
Thomas Conway Private 3
John Cox Private 104
William Cozens Private 95
Thomas Cree Private 103
William Croscombe* Private 31
Joseph Curtis Private 27
John Edgecombe Private 99
Thomas Edwards Private 74
Joseph Ellis Private 91
George Eu_and* Private 83
Henry Gervis Private 31
George Gibbett Private 51
Joseph Goddard Private 103
John Golightly Private 103
William Gore Private 59
James Grew (or Green) Private 101
Albert Griffin Private 33
Richard Griffin Private 82
John Griffiths Private 3
George Hall Private 99
James Hamish Private 41
Alfred Harper* Private 99
Thomas Harwood Private 91
Thomas Heard Private 21
David Heath Private 15
John Hilwell (or Hifwell) Private 37 (or 87)
George Hobbs Private 11
James Hochaday* (Alias) Ball Private 31
Richard Hook Private 59
Hugh Huff* Private 11
Thomas Hughes Private 31
John Hyde Private 11
Jeremiah James Private 22
Philip Jarvis Private 75
William Jarvis* Private 25
William Jeffries Private 49
Thomas Johnson* Private 67
George Kellow* Private 98
Patrick Kelly Private 23
Thomas Kiddy Private 21
Robert King Private 45
James Kooley (or Rooley) Private 104
William Leymond (or Seymond) Private 75
Francis Lhyer* Private 75
William Livingstone* Private 15
George Loidge* Private 83
David McConnell Private 31
Henry Martin Private 35
John Mech---* Private 6
Joshua Middleton* Private 61
Joseph Monahan Private 3
Andrew Nisbett* Private 75
John Noctow* Private 35
Mathew Palmer* Private 7
William Parsons Private 99
John Payne Private 39
Henry Philips Private 91
Thomas Read Private 79
John Ruttle Private 71
William Snow Private 99
John Sutcliffe Private 75
William Swingler Private 59
John Taylor Private 77
Henry R. Thomas Private 82 (or 83)
John Thomas Private 69
Frank Towels* Private 67
William Trilain* Private 86
David Tussell Private 59
Thomas Twinnik* Private 19
Elias W---* Private 94
James Watt(ow*) (Alias) Bat--- Private 74
George Webber Private 79
John Welham* Private 35
William H. West* Private 62
George Westall* Private 61
Richard Whiland Private 31
Henry Williams Private 3
John Wilson Private 2
David Woodhouse Private 30
John Woodish* Private 53
John Woolley Private 83
James ---uson* Private 99
---* ---ty* Private 34
*In transcribing the above lists from old handwritten records, some information was illegible.  If you are able to shed light on any of this information, please drop us a line, and, if you can, provide your source.