John Smith

15th Hussars

Though not, in fact, John Smith, the above man is the same rank --Serjeant-- and is wearing the uniform Smith could have worn as a Hussar.  The above comes from a larger photograph of the 8th Hussars in the Crimea.

Photograph, by Roger Fenton, courtesy of Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division Digital ID cph 3g09344

The Columbia Detachment included 2 NCO's from the 15th Hussars - Corporal Henry Whitmore and Serjeant Smith . These Men were to be used as a training Cadre in case the need arose for local Cavalry to be formed in the Colony. This need never arose.

Royal Barracks, Victoria
Vancouver Island, 19th Oct., 1859


In reply to your letter of this day's date, I have the honor to acquaint you for the information of His Excellency the Governor, that in accordance with his directions, Serjeant Smith of the 15th Hussars, has been detailed to hold himself in readiness, to proceed by the first opportunity to New Westminster, British Columbia, taking with him everything he had in charge and to report his arrival in due form.

I have the honor to be,
Your Most Obed. Servant

Thomas Magin,  Major, Royal Marines
Commanding Detachment

New Westminster, 3rd February 1860
Memo 24
To Captain Lempriere

The Acting Quartermaster is requested to cause a Light Cavalry Sword and Accoutrements to be issued to the under mentioned:

Serjeant J. Smith, 15th Hussars
Private H. Whitmore, 15th Hussars

By Order,
HRLuard, Captain RE

According to Woodward

  • 1863 - Grocer with Lance Corporal John Murray, New Westminster.
  • 1867-1880 - Government messenger, Victoria.
  • Received Crown Grant, September 8th 1871 for Lot 93, Group 2, Military Grant, 150 acres.
  • 1887 - Messenger, Dominion Savings Bank, Victoria.