Timothy Smith

Sapper Smith traveled with the Boundary Commission to British Columbia in 1858.

While working on the Boundary in the 2nd year of the Commission, it appears that Smith fell foul of Captain Haig.

"...With regard to the men I have punished by stopping their boundary pay, I also added 14 days confinement to the camp -

Ryan, T. Smith and Kearney had all their boundary pay stopped till further orders.
Jenkins 6 pence a day also.
McTirnan 6 pence a day till further orders.
[G.] Birch 7 days Boundary pay stopped and 6 pence a day till further orders.

All the men had either 14 or 18 days confinement to camp.  The crimes are all entered in the order book which I do not send as I understood from you that you would probably visit this station shortly."

--letter from Captain Haig to Colonel Hawkins
16th June 1859

Note: Boundary Pay, paid by the Foreign Office, appears to have been a bonus over and above the standard Regimental Pay.  A similar bonus, paid by the Colony of British Columbia, was paid to the RE in the Columbia Detachment.