Turkish Crimean Medal


The Sultan of Turkey issued this medal to allied military personnel involved in the Crimean war.  There are three different issues of this medal for those issued to British, French or Sardinian personnel.  The obverse shows the Sultan of Turkey's cipher with the Mohammendan date for 1271 on all versions.  The reverse depicts a cannon with four flags to its rear.  The flag to the fore on the second from the left depicts the country to which the medal was intended.  The inscription in the exergue reads 'La Crimee 1855' for French issue, 'La Crimea 1855' for Sardinian issue and 'Crimea 1855' for British Issue.  The ribbon is attached through a steel ring which is attached to the medal by a smaller silver ring, however many medals are found with privately attached scroll type suspenders.


None authorised for this medal.


The original ribbon issued with this medal measured only .50" wide but was replaced by one of 1.25" when awarded to British personnel.  The ribbon itself is watered and of dark crimson with green edges.


This medal was issued unnamed but examples are found with privately engraved naming of varying styles.


Most collectors mistakenly believe the reverse with the flags and cannon are the obverse of this medal and indeed many of the recipients at the time wore them that way.  Due to the loss by shipwreck of many of these medals intended for British recipients awards were made with whatever issue came to hand with the most common being of the Sardinian type.  The general quality of these medals was poor and many British officers had copies of superior quality made in 925 silver with plain or scroll suspenders.

It is also common to encounter the original award medals with the steel ring (which is prone to rusting) from which the ribbon is attached replaced by a scroll suspender akin to British issue medals.  Such medals are still considered contemporary and do not alter their value.

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